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International outlook, Dutch Quality

In 2013, Al Shirawi and Rootselaar Group joined forces to establish Cryotech Middle East, a depot and service station in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Both companies are family-owned and family-run.

Al Shirawi is an industrial conglomerate in the United Arab Emirates. It holds over 30 companies, some of which rank among the largest in the Middle East.

Rootselaar Group is a Dutch manufacturer of pressure vessels, cryogenics and gas systems. Founded in 1957, the Group comprises 6 companies located on 3 continents.

Service-minded professionals

Both Rootselaar Group and Al Shirawi are highly service-minded. Therefore, the joint venture that led to Cryotech Middle East was a sensible move: we now serve the needs of local clients. Harnessing Rootselaar Group’s 65+ years of experience in the pressure vessel industry, we provide maintenance, repair and inspection services for ISO gas and cryogenic tank containers.

Rootselaar Group has a profoundly international outlook – while laying claim to Dutch Quality. Instilled by the Group’s Founder, Mr T. van Rootselaar, this notion stands for honest workmanship, robust quality and an accommodating mindset. Hailing from the Arab peninsula, we, too, subscribe to these qualities. This marks us a genuine Rootselaar Group member: we serve through craftsmanship.

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