Maintenance, inspection, repair and storage

Cryotech Middle East is conveniently located: close to the Jebel Ali Port and the adjacent free zone. Consequently, we can be easily reached if you need maintenance or storage facilities.

Maintenance and periodic inspections

We provide maintenance services for ISO gas and cryogenic tank containers. In addition, we carry out 2,5 and 5-year periodic inspections. Simply contact us, and we will discuss when your vessel can be brought in for upkeep.

Repair services and storage

In case of damage, we carry out repairs and tests to ensure the safe use of your tank container.

Piping and components

For instance, we perform piping system inspections, modifications and repairs. We also inspect, replace and recalibrate gauges and valves. And finally, we test whether the piping systems and components are helium leakproof.


Structure repairs include the partial restoration of the outer vessel. We also perform repairs and replacements of the frame and other non-pressure parts. Furthermore, we provide in-house sandblasting, painting and vessel refurbishment.


In addition, we perform vacuum evaluation and restoration, test for helium leaks and dehumidify molecular sieves.


With regard to insulation, we make replacements, installing super and perlite insulations. 
We are backed by Rootselaar Group in all our services: Cryotech Asia and Cryovat International can provide assistance if required. As a result, we deliver on our promise: We are highly reliable, competent engineers who provide efficient maintenance and repair services. That’s Dutch quality in Dubai for you!

Depot facilities

We have ample room to store vessels. Are you looking for depot facilities? Then contact us to discuss the options. 

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